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  • This talk will give an overview of an approach to
    finding solutions to feeling complete peace
    and see problems resolved harmoniously!
    View the Video Replay online above,
    given by Alex Fischer, CS, of Paris, France
    on Sunday, November 22nd !

        This free lecture, or heart-to-heart sharing, will give an overview of an “approach” to
    finding solutions to feel complete peace and seeing problems harmoniously resolved.
          As a litigation lawyer in France, I used to argue cases in court, and I did my best
    to meet my clients’ needs. Practicing law was not just my job, it was a passion.
    To me, being a lawyer meant precision in thinking and a desire to help others get out
    of trouble. The more I studied and practiced this “approach”, the more I found that it was not about believing in anything.  It was about exercising critical thinking in
    understanding spiritual concepts, which in turn could be applied to one’s life
    to bring healing.  I’m not a lawyer anymore, but I still work to help others get out
    of trouble, to get out of a sense of limitations, to find more freedom.
       I do sincerely hope that after our time together, you’ll have enough of a basis
    to begin to test its ideas and bring more harmony to your own life. -- Alex Fischer, C.S.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Sponsored by
    First Church of Christ, Scientist, Toledo
    4647 W. Central Ave. - Toledo, OH

    For more information call: 419-536-2184

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